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Oct 9, 2016
Do you have questions about the expansion plans or Participate 4 Growth (the "4 Appeal")? "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' (Mat 25:21 NIV) Audio...Read more
Jul 24, 2016
Listen here A few months ago Pastor Schnake came and gave a message to us here in Room211 on a Sunday morning. I think it was in early February. He talked with us about a whole variety of possibilities that God might have us focus on here at Christ - the desire to reach more children and families...Read more
Jul 21, 2017
Work on the roads and utilities at the South campus has begun and should be completed, the Lord willing, by the end of September. Be sure to check out the new photos and video as construction work is underway! The new roundabout at 70th and Yankee Hill is complete as of this morning. However, don't...Read more
April 8, 2017 - 8:00am
Thank you to those agreeing to share the Participate4Growth story. Here are links to the materials you can use. Presentation Baptism video Expansion Q&A Giving tree Personal Growth PlanRead more
November 4, 2016 - 12:48pm
Participate 4 Growth info sessions provide more details about the lane, buildings, and Personal Growth Plan. Sessions will continue through November 20, so be sure to attend one soon and get your questions answered! Central Campus: Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9:30 am and 6:30 pm (no...Read more
September 13, 2016 - 1:10pm
The appeal info sessions provide more details about the lane, buildings, and Personal Growth Plan. Central Campus : Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9:30 am and 6:30 pm. RSVP Beth Vavrina (or 402-483-7774 ext 220). South Campus : Sundays (Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20) 11:15 am. Light lunch included...Read more

Daily Prayer Journal

Our congregation is embarking on an exciting journey. God is pointing us to a new destinations we’ve only dreamed about until now. And he’s calling each of us to become leaders. But to lead, we need a map. God’s map.

Join us for 20 days in reflection and prayer as we ponder “God’s Gracious Invitation.” This prayer journal devotional is available on the "From the Pastors" page.


Question and Answers

Question and Answers

Why talk about growth?

It’s in our DNA. Through consistently sharing God’s Word in the language of today, God has blessed Christ Lutheran to become a Top Ten* congregation. Worship and program attendance, campus parking, and facilities have doubled in the past 10 years. And we believe that God’s vision for Christ Lutheran is to be “still growing so none are turned away!”

So, join us and:

  • PRAY God will continue to shower His blessings on Christ Lutheran,
  • STAY Connected, Grow as a Disciple, Serve in Ministry and Go Share Jesus Christ.
  • HELP move Christ Kids Child Care out of the portables to allow for improved safety, and help provide additional spaces for a growing Children’s Ministry, School, Staff, Counseling, Music Ministry, Adult Education, and the Christian Arts.
  • SUPPORT the Purchase of Land to build a South Campus Worship & Child Care facility.


* Top Ten: Currently Christ is the 7th largest worshiping congregation within the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Where will the money come from to be "still grow so none are turned away"?

The first 4-year appeal will focus on raising $5M to $10M or more. Our feasibility study indicated at least $5.2M is very doable by our congregation, but we would each need to s-t- r-e- t-c- h to reach $10M+ without going into additional debt. Such support may come from our regular increased tithes & offerings, debt retirement special gifts, grants from Christian foundations, a child care business plan, and faith legacy bequests from current and past members or guests of Christ Lutheran.

Why is this appeal called “Participate 4 Growth”?

This appeal is 4 everyone to be able to participate in up to 4 different choices over 4 years in order to allow Christ Lutheran to continue “growing so none are turned away!”

  • We do this 4-CHRIST to build up His Kingdom.
  • We do this 4-ALL to know Jesus Christ as their Lord.
  • We do this 4-NOW to alleviate immediate ministry growth needs.
  • And we do this 4-EVER in preparation for the next generation.
How can I personally participate 4 growth?
  • VISIT the website often for news and updates.
  • UTILIZE the God’s Gracious Invitation Prayer Journal as part of Worship beginning July 24.
  • LEARN about the Personal Growth Plan beginning Sunday, August 21 using the self-guided appeal information booklet, the on-line version, or attending an informational session.
  • RETURN your “annually adjustable” Personal Growth Plan by Sunday, December 4.