Proposed Plans

Proposed Plans

Congregations who are strong, healthy, and vibrant have found great success with having more than one site. These sites all function under the same structure--pooling resources, sharing talented staff, sometimes duplicating programs and teaching, and sometimes having sites specialize in different ministries. This is the direction in which we believe God has led Christ Lutheran to move. Therefore, we are not intending to "plant" another congregation in south Lincoln, but rather to build on the strengths with which God has blessed us, to impact more of the city with His love, all emanating from one congregation.

South Campus Expansion

The initial building on the newly purchased 11 acre site on 67th Street, between Yankee Hill and Bridle Lane, will be a flexible facility. There will be room for up to 500 people in Room211 South worship, office and education spaces, and will add up to 125 Christ Kids childcare openings to help alleviate the wait at Central. As worship attendance grows to fill the entire building, the long-range plan includes expanded worship and education space as we continue to grow.

Central Campus Expansion

The first phase of the Central Campus expansion will replace the house at 1811 S 44th St, connecting to the South Ministry Center on the main floor and to the Fellowship Hall on the lower level. This will move the childcare from the portable building into a permanent, safe, and secure facility, and ease the transition of students into Christ Schools.

The Fellowship Hall renovation will bring the kitchen and food line to health code standards and fulfill school use requirements. As part of the project, new soundproof wall systems will be added to enhance adult education classrooms. 

Areas shown in purple are the long-term plan to reach even more of our neighbors with the love of God.