Personal Growth Plan

Personal Growth Plan

Have you found ways to grow spiritually through Christ Lutheran Church? Do you have a system or plan in place for your tithes and offerings? How can you help Christ Lutheran effectively reach people with the Gospel? Do you have a will, or do you have a "last will and testament?"

Answers and suggestions for these questions and more are available in the Personal Growth Plan Guide. This booklet will walk you through the 4 areas and find ways to challenge yourself to grow 4 Christ, 4 All, 4 Now, 4 Ever.

Prayerfully consider how God has blessed you to be a blessing in your family, at Christ Lutheran Church, in our community and in His world. Use your responses from the guide to complete your own Personal Growth Plan.

Submit or update your plan by going to the 4 sections below. You will have an opportunity to update your plan annually, making changes as God leads and blesses you according to His plan for your life. Our goal is for everyone to find a way to participate in one or more of 4 ways.

Out of love for the Lord, this Personal Growth Plan is made in good faith that God will provide for the work of His Church through His people to be "still GROWING, so none are turned away."

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Next Steps: Live the Gospel more fully 4 CHRIST

Tithes and Offerings: Desire to be a blessing 4 ALL

Land, Buildings, and Debt: Underwrite ministry expansion at both campuses 4 NOW

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans: Share the faith of a risen Christ with family and others 4 EVER